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LED Flashlight Reviews: Pelican 7060 LED Flashlight

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I have been using the Pelican 7060 flashlight while on-duty for the past week and have been thoroughly impressed with it. Virtually every time I use this flashlight on traffic stops, to clear houses, and to search wooded areas for suspects, fellow officers make positive comments about how bright the light is. In fact, I'm surprised they haven't drain the battery, because everyone wants to compare this light with theirs.

I've been using the Blackhawk NightOps Gladius flashlight for the past year, but the Pelican 7060 appears to be far superior for the following reasons:

1. The 7060 is less expensive ($110 vs $180)

2. The light output of the 7060 is nearly twice as bright as the Gladius (80 lumens vs 130 lumens). The 7060 has always proved to be significantly brighter during side-by-side comparisons with other officers' flashlights.

3. The 7060 has never turned on unless I want it to turn on. The Gladius' lockout feature easily unlocks and the light turns on while it's in the holster. This drains the Gladius' non-rechargeable batteries (CR123), which have cost me approximately $10-$20/month to replace. The 7060 is rechargeable, which will save me at least one hundred dollars per year. Although I purchased rechargeable batteries for the Gladius, they did not work properly and they damaged the circuitry in the Gladius (which Blackhawk generously repaired for free).

4. While I have not purchased a holster for the 7060 yet (the holster that was included is not leather and does not fit on my duty belt), the Gladius often falls out of its holster when I get in and out of the patrol car. During a burglary call a few months ago, I jumped out of the car and began chasing the perp into a very dark area behind a vacant house. When I reached for my Gladius, it wasn't there. I had to stop the pursuit and return to the patrol car; which jeopardized my safety, the safety of fellow officers, and, while we recovered the stolen items he was carrying, the perp escaped. When I returned to my car, I was certain that my Gladius would be on the ground next to the car, but it wasn't. I looked around and saw three homeless crack heads sitting on a wall about 20 yards from my car. I'm not sure how I looked at them, but one of them reached into his bag, pulled out my Gladius, and said, "Here it is officer. I found it on the ground". That was just one of many times that I almost lost the Gladius as a result of the poor design of the holster.

5. The 7060 provides two on/off switches. One is on the end, which I have found useful while holding the light under my weapon or above my head, and the other switch is on the side, which I have found useful while holding the light out to the side and below the waist. The Gladius has one button on the end of the light.

On the other hand...

The Gladius does have the Strobe feature, which is one of the reasons I purchased it; however, I have never used the Strobe in the field.

Bottom line, the 7060 will be my primary light and the Gladius will be my backup (but I'll need to find a different holster before I lose it). If anyone knows of a good leather holster for the 7060, please let me know.

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This is, without a doubt, the finest flashlight that I have ever used. I'm a correctional officer at a State prison, and due to that, this flashlight is always a part of my duty belt and gets used daily. The throw distance is incredible, and the sheer brightness is blinding. There are now a total of four of us on my shift alone that use one, and that is growing by the day. For the price, you cannot find anything better. It is not too big, nor is it too small. It will completely light up a room, and will easily light up an entire bay in a dormitory after the lights go out at night. I cannot recommend this light enough. Is there anything "bad" about it at all? Just one thing, and this is minimal - the holder it comes with is pretty bad. If you purchase this for any type of work use, grab the Bianchi AccuMold 7311 Compact Light Holder for the Pelican 7060 (there is no better holder, none). Still, that is not enough to lower it from the five star review that it deserves.